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What is it all about?

Achieving your fitness and nutrition goals don't happen in "quick fixes" and aren't sustained on a "30 day challenge". It's comes through changes to our lifestyle, helping us not only achieve our goals, but maintain them and continue to prioritize them. 

Prioritizing our health is one of the best forms of self care we can do. This helps keep our heart healthy, increases our stamina, reduces our stress, and makes us stronger, just to name a few benefits! When we work together, some of the goals I strive for are to:

  • Remove the stress from fitness and nutrition by supplying information and support every step of the way.

  • Help you reach your goals, whether they be to lose weight, gain muscle, or just get active through personalized workouts and nutrition.

  • Navigate injuries and sensitivities by strengthening our core and muscles, giving modifications, and helping correct imbalances!

  • Build your confidence in your workouts, whether they're done at home or at the gym. These workouts will challenge and push you, but should always make you feel accomplished and strong!

  • Offer you clear information on how to continue living your life fully while reaching your goals! 


D o   I t   Y o u r   W a y !

You hear the old cliche, find what works for you, but it's true. The best workout is the one you'll enjoy and fits into your lifestyle. Click any of the boxes below for more info on what I have to offer and find what works for you. 

Our Methods

One on One

In person or over FaceTime, work out with me in private, personalized and focused sessions. Receive real time accountability, adjustments, and push! 

On the App

General, Personalized, or Specific Goal Training, let's find the program best fit for what you're working towards. App training provides you options for your training.


"He is an incredibly knowledgable trainer as well as your best workout buddy. I wanted the balance of being challenged while also setting realistic goals. Stavros has surpassed my expectations, with enthusiasm and patience every step of the way."

Marissa - Light House Point, FL

"Looking for a change in your fitness and build muscle? Look no further...This has been a great difference in perspective for me. I've lost about ten pounds, lost some inches and had some gains and definition increase on my muscles."

Felipe - Fayetteville, AK

"My goal this quarantine was to be in better shape by the time it was over and I'm well on my way! If you're looking for a personal trainer that's fun, motivating, and affordable don't hesitate to reach out to him!"

Sam - New York, New York

"I felt an increase in strength and stamina weeks in and I defeated my fear [and] stress of working out regularly"

Anna - New York, New York
Kate - Before and After.JPG

"Working with Stavros has changed my habits for the better. I’ve lost 12lbs, but I’ve also gained muscle, making me feel better both physically and mentally! He’s encouraging and flexible, making weight loss and a healthy lifestyle feel like an achievable goal."

Kate - New York, New York

Stav’s passion for fitness and total body wellness is evident in every session. He is kind and funny, while also pushing you to give your all in every effort.”

Chandler - St. Louis, MO

“When I wanted to up my fitness, I turned to Stavros for help and was not disappointed. I was met with a personalized curriculum me excited to show up for myself every day. Not only has he set me up for success, he is willing to make sure no question goes unanswered. With Stavros, I know I am in good hands.”

Danny - New York, NY

I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror for a long time. After training with Stavros, I have a new sense of confidence and mentality I am really proud of and happy with.

Erica - Philidelphia, PA

T e s t I m o n I a l s

Hear what people have to say about training with Stavros!


R e a d y   t o   s t a r t ? 

Tell me about your goals and let's find the best program for you and your goals!

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